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November 18, 2005

High Pressure over the West Keeping Things Dry and Warm

I just got back from the condo in Utah. Weather was picture perfect if you like warm and sunny. Unfortunately, warm and sunny is incompatible with skiing as is bare and rocky which accurately describes the terrain at Brian Head.

It is a classic Good News-Bad News situation for me. I have a third floor condo with a large loft that we are remodeling. We have been removing carpet, trip, appliances, cabinets, etc., and preparing to put in new floors and a new kitchen plus painting the place. Good News is that it makes the work much easier to not have to deal with snow on the ground. Bad News is that I bought to place for skiing and the season was supposed to open November 12th. I should have been skiing all this week not working.

As I said, it is a third floor condo and since there is not several feet of snow on the ground outside, we were able to use the express "elevator" method of disposing of the remodel waste by throwing stuff off the balcony. We had a serious internal debate about tossing the fridge, but decided to haul the major appliances down the three flights of stairs. The cabinets were not so lucky. While my week as spent lamenting the fact that there is no snow, I did actually enjoy the hell out of breathing paint fumes and watching various household items explode from a 35 ft drop.

Most of the weather folks are thinking that the high pressure will lift some time right after Thanksgiving and we will start getting some winter weather. It is sure messing with my holiday plans.

Posted by Justin at November 18, 2005 11:03 AM