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October 25, 2005

The Powder Road

I read a brief review of The Powder Road in one of the many ski magazines that I keep on the coffee table to remind friends and family why I never show up at the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Easter is hit or miss depending on the snow conditions, but my work tends to shut down from the end of November until the first of the year while everyone is closing out their annual books and taking their vacations. It saves time and answering stupid questions. =)

I got a note from the publisher asking me to come by and have a look at their if I would preview the book. Let my readers know what I think, so to speak. Well, the book is not here yet, but the web site is up with four episodes online for you to watch. I will have a review of the book shortly, but the website was so awesome, that I cannot imagine not loving the book. I wanted to recommend the site as a must read now even before the book comes out. Here is the premise:

Four friends take their snowmobiles north to Canada chasing endless powder. Forget heliskiing. Try heliskiing every day for three months and you better be named Paris Hilton to afford it--or have videographic evidence involving Paris Hilton that you can blackmail her with. We all need a rich daddy.

The first four episodes of the short videographies are phenomenol. The book comes out in Early November and I have already pre-ordered my copy. This is a must have. The scenary is breathtaking. Plus, you just have to support anyone that is ambitious enough to take on Alaska via snowmobile for three months. The site is releasing videos each week for the next few weeks, so go by and catch up on what they are doing.

Now I need some cheesy ratings system. You know, "I give the website 4 out of 4 snowflakes" or something idiotic like that. Two thumbs up, whatever. Nah, no rating system forthcoming, but based on the website, the book will be sitting on my coffee table and the website is in my bookmarks. My rating system is that I am forking out $30 to buy the book and that is worth almost a lift ticket. If a book is worth a lift ticket, that should say enough about my ratings system. =)

Posted by Justin at October 25, 2005 02:40 PM