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October 31, 2005

Gear Update

My poor second child. It seems that big brother who is 9, gets all the good stuff. Take for instance these new Salomon Ten-eighty Fish skis and Nordica boots. (see extended entry)

I picked the boots up right after last season ended from for under $80 plus shipping. The skis I bought on impulse from the local ski shop this summer since they had a package deal. Including bindings and mounting, the skis and bindings were under $300.

Jarrett (child number 2) is stuck on three year old K2's and wearing Jake's old boots. Jake got the ski, boot, and binding replacements this year and did quite well I might add. Since Jarrett is such a newbie, he doesn't realize what a bum deal he got, but the good news is that I was looking into my Crystal Ball and I saw him getting a pretty nice pair of Ten-eighty Fish in about three years.

And then it hit me, Jake has a brand new pair of Atomic SL-9's that I bought on clearance two years ago that were too big for him last year. Stinkin' kid has two brand new sets of skis. Those cost me around $100 for the skis at end of season and were new in shrink wrap so I couldn't pass it up. They are 140's though so he had to grow into them.

Here is the problem with having a 9-11 year old. They are "tweeners". My son Jake has big feet but is tall and skinny. Now he has an adult boot (23.5), but is still not heavy enough to be in a purely adult ski and binding. I bought the Atomics, but they require an ADULT Atomic binding since they are predrilled 140's and at 140 there is a cutoff between kids skis and adult skis. Most adult bindings' DINs only go down to 3 and he is barely heavy enough or tall enough to set it at 3. It is like Tetris trying to mix and match and adjust to get the right combination. And on top of all that, you never buy a kid's ski for only one season. It has to last him at least two and preferably three.

The moral to the story--If you didn't buy your gear at the end of April, last year, you are gonna get hosed. Check my other articles on gear recommendations, especially the links to EBAY. The alternative moral to the story--I buy way too much crap. I need to stop buying stuff off of E-bay and clean out the closet of all the extra stuff I have.

Posted by Justin at October 31, 2005 09:47 AM