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October 01, 2005

A Friendly Reminder about Fall and Spring Skiing

I did it again... A little different circumstances but same result. Last spring, I had a conference in Boston, MA, to attend that started on a Wednesday morning. I planned to fly all Tuesday and my boss thought I was in the conference "all week". A day when I am completely unaccounted for and assumed to be working. Where do you think I would be?

So it is low 40's and young Jake and I head up to Sunrise. The only problem with impromptu trips is that you tend to forget things on your checklist.

  • Skis--check
  • Jacket--check
  • Boots, Poles--check
  • Goggles--check
  • sunscreen--

Mid 40's combined with bright blue skies combined with 6 hours of direct sunlight plus the reflection combined with ski goggles... I sported and interesting pigment pattern for my conference where I happened to be presenting. Thankfully like OJ, I overcame conviction for my crime, but for the educated and ski knowledgeable folks in my class, they knew what I was guilty of. If the ski goggles fit or something like that.

My son Jake on the other hand had played hooky from school to go skiing. Perfect attendance August through November 1st and from April until the end of school. I usually blame doctors appointments or illness for the days he misses in between. We were so busted.

Well, I have another trip to the East Coast tomorrow and instead of skiing, I engaged in my other favorite past-time. Since I did not have to skip work, I made it known to the office and the folks I work with that I was unavailable from noon until 7 or 8 PM today because I was going to the ASU vs. USC game. 100 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and not a drop of sunscreen. 5 hours straight and nice metal bleachers to get the reflection really going. At least I wore a hat.

I have two marks that I get to carry with me this week on my business trip to Pennsylvania. The mark of shame that is shaped like a boot on my ass from the whipping that USC gave us in the second half and the dark crimson pigmentation from just below my eyes (thanks to the hat) gradually forming a V on my jersey neck.

When does it start snowing?

Posted by Justin at October 1, 2005 10:15 PM