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July 19, 2005

A nice walk next door

Just setting the tone for winter. A Picture is worth 1,000 words. This is the front of my condo complex and my back yard. Some folks have playground equipment in their back yard, but I like mine better. To the right side of the picture you will see several very large black metal poles. Not exactly a jungle gym for the kiddies, but for me and my friends that come over and play, I think my playground equipment will do. To the left side, behind the white car, you can see my condo.

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An Introduction

Today is the start of a new adventure for me. I am working on getting the site up and running as well as getting the kinks worked out of my plan for the Winter coming up. My goals are pretty simple. Live at the base of a mountain. Work from home. Ski 100+ days. It looks like the first two are coming along nice. Now it is all about Mother Nature cooperating. But it is only July, so I guess I should keep my focus on the first two until the snow starts falling.

Welcome to my blog about the pursuit of my dream to be a ski bum and do it in style. I am in the process of purchasing a condo at the base of Brian Head Resort in Brian Head, Utah. I am three hours south of all of the major Utah Resorts and there are plenty of them. My Condo is ski-in ski-out and I do not mean that in a figurative sense of well, you have to walk a half mile and then ski. Pictures are forthcoming.

The Condo leaves me with a Retro-70's Austin Powers kind of feel sans the shag carpet. The appliances have not been updated since the place was built, so I have some work to do. I am getting ready to close on the loan next month and already planning how I am going to remodel the place.

Step 1--close the loan
Step 2--get DSL and Direct TV hooked up
Step 3--Sirius Radio
Step 4--Get airhorn and taser to immobilize Erich who has already offered to move in with me.

Ah, Erich... It seems my dream to do nothing is contagious. Welcome to my world. At least I will have someone to sip lattes with and debate the merits of the American Political scene. Life keeps getting better.

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